Trying out Kobe Beef at Kobegyu Steakland!

At Our Hungry Tummies, we are on a quest to try as much mouth-watering food as we can find. As it was our first trip to Japan, eating Kobe beef was the first thing on our itinerary. Where else to taste this popular dish but at its namesake. Kobe is a beautiful seaside city in […]

Filling Our Hungry Tummies: Osaka Takoyaki Museum and Dotonbori

A trip to Osaka is not complete without visiting Dotonbori. The plan was to head straight there after our time at Universal Studios Japan. However, a few minutes from the gates of USJ was a lovely suprise – the Osaka Takoyaki Museum, located along the Universal City Walk. Our hungry tummies just had to take […]

All was well: A guide to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Universal Studios Japan!

I grew up reading Harry Potter and my love for the entire series never faded. That’s why, I was so thrilled when JR Mortel, Order of Merlin, first class, Husband of the Year, surprised me with plane tickets to Japan for my 27th birthday. My loving husband knew that one of the reasons I wanted to […]

25 Layers of Juiciness: Kimukatsu Review

There are tons of tonkatsu restaurants to choose from, but for JR and I, one really stands out: Kimukatsu. Kimukatsu is one of the most famous pork cutlet restaurants in Japan. It has more than twenty branches worldwide and three of which are in Metro Manila. We always visit their Century City Mall branch when we […]

Review: Lam Tin Tea House

To say that my father loves Chinese cuisine is an understatement. I grew up in a household where spring rolls, dumplings, and noodles were staples on any occasion and these would be the first choices from the menu when eating out. We ate at Chinese restaurants so often that when JR and I started dating, I would tell […]

Review: Sushi Ninja Alabang

  Japanese cuisine is perhaps one of our favorites. Mention sushi to JR and his face will immediately brighten up. That’s why, I decided to surprise him with lunch at Sushi Ninja when we stayed at a nearby hotel for our anniversary. A bold move if you ask me as he is quite picky when […]