Mango Grill Manila Big Cheese Cassava Cake

OHT Recommends: Mango Grill Manila’s Big Cheese Cassava Cake

Dessert might be the closest thing that can rival my love for mushrooms. I still remember the happiness that I felt as a child whenever there was an ice cream tub in our freezer, as well as the huge disappointment if it turned out to be filled with fish (a common practice for Filipino households).

Although ice cream is my go-to treat, I also enjoy a slice of cake with a hot cup of coffee. I had my first taste of Mango Grill Manila’s Big Cheese Cassava Cake during a family gathering and instantly fell in love.

Mango Grill Manila Big Cheese Cassava CakeI love the eco-friendly packaging!

Mango Grill is a family owned restaurant in Sorsogon. They serve home cooked meals that are loved by locals and tourists alike; and now, their famous Big Cheese Cassava Cake can now be enjoyed by Manileños through delivery by Lalamove.

One lazy Sunday afternoon, JR and I decided to order a whole cake just for the two of us. It was still warm when it arrived and the moment we opened the woven box, the buttery aroma of the 7-inch cake filled our kitchen. Naturally, our hungry tummies were so excited!

Mango Grill Manila Big Cheese Cassava CakeMango Grill Manila’s 7-inch Big Cheese Cassava Cake – P380.

Their gluten-free cassava cakes are made from scratch and handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. They also source their raw ingredients directly from sustainable farms in Sorsogon – talk about supporting local farmers.

Mango Grill Manila Big Cheese Cassava Cake
We have a new favorite partner for coffee
From the slightly charred cheese crust to the soft and chewy cake, you can easily eat the whole thing without realizing it. We planned to save the other half of the cake for the next day but it was too good that we ended up finishing all of it in just a couple of hours (please don’t give us that look, we regret nothing).
Mango Grill Manila Big Cheese Cassava Cake

Mango Grill Manila delivers from their commissary kitchens in Quezon City and Makati City from 10 AM to 6 PM via Lalamove. You can also pick up a chilled cake at their consignment store at Bellefleur by Beatrix, located at Unimart Greenhills from 10 AM to 8 PM. Please make sure to read their reheating instructions as it is best eaten when warm. Each 7-inch cake costs P380.

Whether it’s a get together or a lazy afternoon, Mango Grill Manila’s Big Cheese Cassava Cake is definitely worth a try.

Disclaimer: We paid for our own meal in writing this review. The opinions expressed are entirely based on our experience. THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST.


For orders, please send them a message on Viber, Whatsapp or Instagram.

They accept cash deposits through BDO, BPI, Metrobank and GCASH. Please take note that delivery charge varies depending on your location.

Viber / Whatsapp: 0995 012 8158

Instagram: Mango Grill Manila


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