Le Petit Souffle

Le Petit Soufflé: French x Japanese Fusion Done Right

We temporarily took a break from blogging these past few months to focus on a business venture but we are finally back to do what we love and we’d like to thank you for your continuous support! – lots of love, JR and Kathy 

If you have been reading our blog for some time, you would have noticed how much we are in love with Japanese cuisine. We adore how the Japanese keep their food simple yet incredibly satisfying. If not eating sushi around Metro Manila (or even a few times in Japan), we can often be found at Kimukatsu located at the Century City Mall, having our katsu fix. During one of our visits, another restaurant piqued our interest; it was Le Petit Soufflé. 

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Le Petit Soufflé: Located at the third floor of the Century City Mall

We heard good feedback about Le Petit Soufflé a few years back but never really thought of dining there. Maybe we weren’t as open to trying out new things as we are now. Another factor leading to our decision to go there was my eagerness to have a seat near the trellises by the window (it’s a perfect spot for Instagram, guys! #morningchill).



We went on a weekday morning and were thrilled to have the place to ourselves as it is usually full during weekends. The ambiance was cozy and inviting, with the warm, invigorating, and happy tones of yellow and green. It’s as if we were having an al fresco brunch at the comfort of home.

The brick wall design brings out the homey feel 

Le Petit Souffle

This space right here will be approved by my “tita” friends for our next date

“Tita” is the Tagalog term for an aunt. For Filipino millenials, it could also mean as someone who likes to talk with friends over tea, coffee, or wine usually at a nice and dainty (sometimes fancy) café.

Browsing through the menu, we looked for the usual suspects (sushi, tonkatsu, and ramen) but found none. Instead, we were greeted by their unique selection with familiar flavors from both Japanese and French cuisines.

We started our meal with Kinoko Frites. These are deep fried enoki and oyster mushrooms – tossed in matcha salt and served with tonkotsu mayo. JR found them to be a bit filling for an appetizer and noted that he didn’t taste the matcha salt. He also didn’t find anything special with the tonkotsu mayo. I, on the other hand, as an avid fan of mushrooms, happily munched on them without any complaints.

Le Petit Souffle

Kinoko Frites – P250. Made for mushroom lovers

Next, we had the Sesame Crusted Tuna Salad. The lightly seared, fresh slices of tuna made this salad stand out. Sesame seeds added an interesting texture without overpowering the tuna. The sesame-wasabi dressing also went well with the delicate greens with just a hint of spiciness. Oh, and did I mention it also had shimeji mushrooms?

Le Petit Souffle

Sesame Crusted Tuna Salad – P265 (Personal), P375 (Family). Seared tuna loin, garden greens, shimeji mushrooms, tobiko, and bonito flakes. Served with sesame-wasabi dressing

Of course, we had to try their Classic French Onion Soup. As someone who loves onion (but not as much as I love mushrooms), I couldn’t resist this comforting pot of caramelized onion and bacon topped with a slice of bread, gratinated gruyere and emmental cheese. Surprisingly, I didn’t enjoy it as much as expected. I found the broth to be a bit strong and asked JR to finish my serving. He didn’t seem to mind.

Le Petit Souffle

Classic French Onion Soup – P250

Perhaps the dish that we both enjoyed the most was the Smoked Salmon Benedict. Generous slices of smoked salmon over toasted brioche buns, topped with poached eggs and dill-infused hollandaise sauce. The runny yolk  made the dish extra creamy without weighing it down. It was so good that we forgot to take a picture of the yolk gracing the whole dish as we started digging-in right after breaking the egg.

Le Petit Souffle

Smoked Salmon Benedict – P635. A hearty breakfast meal available all-day.

Their freshly made Crafted Iced Teas were served in a measuring cup with a mesh filter. We had Yakult Guava (yes, that’s Yakult) and Forest Berries. Both were delicious and not ridiculously sweet, unlike the typical iced tea served at other restaurants. Also, who would have thought that measuring cups could be so cute? I’d like to have my drinks served this way from now on!

Le Petit Souffle

Yakult Guava – P225 (Single), P425 (Carafe)

Le Petit Souffle

When pouring something feels like an amazing task. Ah, the joy of simple things in life.

Le Petit Souffle

Forest Berries – P225 (Single), P425 (Carafe)

Le Petite Souffle’s Foie Gras Mac and Cheese is one of the most savory mac and cheese we’ve tasted. Their version is made with sharp cheddar and gooey mozzarella, shimeji mushrooms (to my delight), and hungarian sausage, topped with seared foie gras. The foie gras melts beautifully in your mouth but it is something that we would limit in consuming (for health reasons).

Le Petit Souffle

Foie Gras Mac and Cheese –  P725

We usually don’t order carbonara when dining out because few restaurants serve an authentic one. JR usually just cooks it for me at home. However, we made an exception as it looked so pretty! We also read good reviews about the LPS Carbonara Soufflé and it certainly did not disappoint. The bacon was crispy, the “egg cloud” was carefully prepared with the yolk still runny, and the pasta was cooked al dente. The cheese also provided the right amount of saltiness.

Le Petit Souffle

LPS Carbonara Soufflé – P385

An authentic carbonara is actually made with guanciale or pancetta (but bacon is a cheaper substitute), cheese (pecorino or parmigiano), and raw eggs instead of cream.

Another dish that we usually don’t order at restaurants is steak. Don’t get us wrong, we love steak but it’s not exactly budget friendly! So JR would also cook it at home when we want to eat something fancy (yes, I’m a lucky wife). Since we were having a great time, we decided to give their steak a try. It was well-seasoned and tender and aptly paired with the frites.

Le Petit Souffle

Steak and Frites – P1450

There were so many choices for dessert but we opted for the Valrhona Guanaja Soufflé, one of their bestsellers. Made with Valrhona Guanaja 70% dark chocolate, it is a bittersweet, warm, and airy soufflé paired with a light, and mildy sweet vanilla creme. We also ordered a coffee because what is #morningchill without a hot cup of good brew?

Le Petit Souffle

Valrhona Guanaja Soufflé – P350

Cafe Latte – P150


All the dishes were as delicious as they looked in the menu. We loved how the flavors – although unusual, worked perfectly well to tickle our taste buds. We over-ordered and spent three hours at Le Petit Soufflé to finish everything. But it was worth it! If there’s only two of you, you’re good to go with two or three dishes. Make sure to save room for their incredible selection of desserts!  Kudos to Chef Miko Aspiras and his partners for the success of Le Petit Soufflé!

Disclaimer: We paid for our own meal in writing this review. The opinions expressed are entirely based on our experience.


Level 3, Century City Mall, Kalayaan Avenue, Brgy. Poblacion, Makati City (map)

Operating Hours: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM (operating hours can vary)

Contact Numbers: (02) 886-3056

(02) 718-5681

Facebook: Le Petit Soufflé

Email: lepetitsouffleph@gmail.com

Reservations are accepted.

They have an equally gorgeous branch in SM Megamall


Second Floor, Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City (map)

Operating Hours: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM (operating hours can vary)

Contact Number: (02) 944-6541

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