Trying out Kobe Beef at Kobegyu Steakland!

At Our Hungry Tummies, we are on a quest to try as much mouth-watering food as we can find. As it was our first trip to Japan, eating Kobe beef was the first thing on our itinerary. Where else to taste this popular dish but at its namesake.

Kobe is a beautiful seaside city in Hyogo Prefecture notably known for the world famous Kobe beef. It is a special grade of beef that comes from the Tajima-gyu (Japanese Black) breed of cattle and undergoes a strict authenticity criteria. We decided to visit Kobegyu Steakland (also known as Steakland Kobe) to satisfy our craving.

Image Source: Kobe Beef Tourist Association

After landing at Nagoya airport at 6:00 am, we headed straight to Kobe with a brief stop at Osaka to drop-off our luggage at the train station. Our hungry tummies were just too excited to start our degustation journey in Japan! We arrived at Kobegyu Steakland at around 10:30 am, thirty minutes before they opened, and joined the line made up of both locals and foreigners. When the restaurant opened, instead of letting us enter the branch across Hankyu Kobe-Sannomiya Station, we were all escorted to a nearby branch. We couldn’t figure out why we were transferred but didn’t mind the short walk.

Under the sun: Hungry people eagerly waiting for the restaurant to open

We got a little annoyed that the line got jumbled-up on our way to the other branch as customers at the back of the line suddenly became competitive and started to walk past us. After reaching our destination, we had to wait for our turn to ride the small elevator leading up to the 6th floor.

The nearby branch where we were taken to; located at the 6th floor

Our annoyance disappeared when we were greeted by the cozy interior of Kobegyu Steakland. The homey ambiance and the delicious aroma lifted our spirits and made us more excited for our Kobe beef!

Chef at the center: The grilling station is surrounded by seats

Kobegyu Steakland offers a handful of lunch sets, all served with miso soup, grilled vegetables, salad, rice, Japanese pickles and a choice of coffee or juice. We ordered the Kobe beef steak lunch (150g) for ¥3180 each.

Kobe beef in all of its glory

After all of our orders were taken, the chef came to our table and started to work his magic.

He started off with the fried garlic.

Then, he asked each of us how we like our steak. We both prefer medium-rare.

The smell was incredibly mouth-watering! We didn’t even care when we were engulfed by the smoke and ended up smelling like a steakhouse for the rest of the day!

Lastly, he used the steak drippings to flavor the bean sprouts.

Kobe beef steak lunch. ¥3180. Served with miso soup, bean sprouts (not pictured), salad, rice and Japanese pickles (not pictured)

Ah, so juicy!

We finished our meal with a cup of freshly brewed coffee

We had a pleasant dining experience at Kobegyu Steakland. The atmosphere was very welcoming, it was almost as if we were eating at home (minus the personal chef!). The Kobe beef was tender, juicy, and definitely tasty. Although it was really good, we had tasted a better steak before. Other people claim that the melt-in-your-mouth high quality Kobe beef can be experienced at the fancier restaurants for a much higher price.


For ¥3180, you get an affordable good quality meal and a fun dining experience as the preparation of the food itself was very entertaining. Give this restaurant a try when you find yourself craving for some meat! Take note that if you want to order a set with Kobe beef, make sure to order the option that has the word “Kobe” on it as they also offer ordinary beef on their menu.

 Kobegyu Steakland Lunch Menu

Kobegyu Steakland

Address: Miyasako Bldg. 1 – 2F, 1-8-2, Kitanagasadori, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo, 650-0012

Contact Number: +81 78-332-1653

Opening hours: 11am – 10pm daily

Website: Steakland Kobe

How to get there:

From Osaka Station: JR (Japan Rail) Lines  Ride the JR Kobe Line Rapid Service bound for Kakogawa or Aboshi at Platform 5 (you can also ride the JR Special Rapid Service bound for Himeji also at Platform 5) and alight at Sannomiya Station. Kobegyu Steakland is around 15 minutes walk from the station. Fare from Osaka Station: ¥410.

From Umeda Station: Hankyu Lines – Ride the Hankyu Kobe Line bound for Shinkaichi and alight at Kobe-Sannomiya Station. Kobegyu Steakland is right in front of the station. Fare from Umeda Station: ¥320.

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